Guinea Pigs
Unlike in the United States, the guinea pig is actually considered a common food in Peru. The animals are not pets or testing animals, but rather a favorite meal (Guinea).
The guinea pig has helped to bring Peru out of poverty due to the availability to export the animals. Even the poorest family in Peru can afford to raise the guinea pigs. It is simply not expensive. The guinea pig meet is now becoming more and more popular, even in America (Guinea).
Families that don’t breed the animals and have access to them personally always have the option of ordering them at a restaurant, buying the meat at an open market, or even buying frozen guinea pig meat at the grocery store (Guinea).
The two main guinea pig exporters in Peru export 20 tons of frozen meet a year or around 20,000 guinea pigs to the US alone (Guinea).
In some places of the world, like California, the meat is outlawed because it is considered a pet, not food. Other rules make it harder for the guinea pig industry to grow but if it had no rules guinea pig could become one of the most popular exports in the world (Guinea).


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