By: Evan Shefik, James Pardus, Nic Vachon, and Nolan Wildermuth

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1. General Info 2. History 3. Entertainment 4. Food

General Information:

The Republica Del Ecuador has a population of about 13,927,650 with a 2.6% growth rate (Infoplease). With its size of 109,483 square miles, it has a population density of about 50 people per square mile (Infoplease). The main religion is Roman Catholic at 95% of the country with various other religions making up the other 5% (Infoplease). The official language is Spanish but there are many alternate languages such as Quechua (Infoplease). The flag-ecuador.gifmain ethnicity is Mestizo which is mixed Amerindian and White, however the country has some diversity. This wonderful country has a **Representative Democracy**, much like the government in the US (Infoplease). Ecuador uses the US dollar as its currency unit. Its major exports are petroleum, bananas, cut flowers, and shrimp. Its major imports are vehicles, medicinal products, telecommunications equipment, and electricity. Its major trading partners include Us Peru, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Panama. Exports make up 13.3 billion annually while imports make up 13 billion (Infoplease).


Ecuador has a diverse range of climates through out to the country from the snowy Andes to the deserts in the southern coast and even the plains on the Amazon River Basin (Mongabay). Ecuador is about 109,483 square miles which is about the size of Colorado (Infoplease). It is surrounded by Columbia to the North, Peru to the East, and the Pacific to the West. Ecuador is divided into three regions by the **Andes Mountains**: the Amazon (Sierra), the Highlands (Oriente), the Coast (Costa), and the Galapagos Islands are added on (Geography of external image Ecuador-map.gifEcuador). In the Amazon, located in the East part of the country, is the capital Quito with a population of 2 million people (Geography of Ecuador). In this region there are many important rivers and foothills. **The Galapagos Islands** are located 1000 kilometers off of the coast and were volcanicly formed. The Highlands are located near the center of the country and have many imporntant mountain peaks. On the Coast there are many fertile plains and beautiful beaches (Geography of Ecuador).
In Ecuador the hottest temperatures occur during the rainy season which lasts from Feburary till April (Mongabay). Temperatures range from 13° C to 26° C throughout the year and in different parts of the country (Mongabay). The driest months are from June through September however annual rainfall is high in many parts. Ecuador only really has two seasons, wet and dry. You can find all temperatures in Ecuador from hot and humid to the cold Andes.


Ecuador has been in habited for around 5,000 years.( 50 different tribes of Native Americans lived along the coast, the mountains, and the jungle. The tribes were war like which left them susceptible to conquest by other nations and other cultures. In the 15th century A.D they were in fact concord by the Inca’s because of this constant warring.( The Inca’s ruled Ecuador for about 100 years. Their civilization was very advanced and many temples and towns were made all throughout the country.(

The first Spanish settlement in Ecuador was in 1534 at Quito.( The Town was built over an Inca town of the same name. Another settlement was founded four years later on the mouth of the Guayas River and on the sit of Guayaquil.( Another old Inca city. Expeditions led by Francisco Pizarro, The man who discovered Peru, founded the cities and led the rule back to Spain. Ecuador was part of Viceroyalty of Peru until 1740.( Then it was made into the Viceroyalty of Granada. With almost no gold or silver in the region this land did not attract any settlers until 1822.(

The first revolution against Spanish rule took place in 1809, but but not until1822 did Ecuador become an independendent country. Hard and trying times followed after Ecuadors independence.(
relia/ecuhis.htm) The Country was controld by dictators and the size of peoples armies greatly effected ones own status. In the first century of its independence, Ecuador had changed its own constitution 13 times and barely any presidents served a full four year presidency.(

The economic foundation and development( was associated with the cocoa spike in sales at the end of the nineteenth century caused the improvement and stability to the country's administration, despite the frequent change in rulers.( presidents between 1897 and 1934 and 25 presidents between 1934 and 1988.(

Located two hours north of Cuenca, a large city in population located in the highlands of Ecuador at about 8200 ft above sea level, is the ruins of an old Incan civilization. ( This Incan ruin is named Ingaprica, originally the Cañaros settled this site but they were concord and the Incas several hundred years before the Spanish arrived in Ecuador rebuilt the city. (

Ecuador has had an extensive history and it quiet possible one of the most interesting countries in all of South America.


Sports and Recreation:

Due to Ecuador’s warm and sunny climate throughout most of the year many of their activities are done outside(Welcome) The most popular and by far favorite activity is playing soccer. From a young age ,Ecuadorian children grow up playing this sport, and it is also played by adults also in one of the many parks that are placed through out the cities. Adult leagues are very popular and competitive. In recent years the National team of Ecuador has become one of the best in the country with many new young stars waiting for their chance(Welcome) Another activity that is quite popula
r in Ecuador is hiking one of the many trails that are placed in the nature preserves. Also most of the high peaks have trails leading to their summits. The most popular hiking trails are located in the Parque Nacional Cotopaxi which is 37 miles south of the capital city of Quito(Explore). There people enjoy climbing 19,350 foot tall volcano named Cotopaxi Volacano. This hike is very strenuous and climbing gear is neccasarry, but the park also has many other easier hikes throughout the park. Hiking is also popular in the nature preserve of the Galapagoes Islands located 650 miles off the coast of Ecuador(Explore). Scuba diving is also popular off the shores of these secluded, volcanic islands.
Scuba diving near the Galapogoes Islands are relatively unknown yet it is one of the most beautiful spots on the earth. People flock to the dive sites in Ecuador because of the crystal clear water and diverse marine animals that habitat the waters of Ecuador. The waters of Ecuador have sea turtles, manta rays, penguins, sea lions, dolphins, and numerous species of shark, including hammerheads and whale sharks along with hundreds of different types of reef fish, many of which can only be found there(Explore).

Arts and Crafts:
The creating of Arts and Crafts in Ecuador is very popular. It is both a job and a activity done for fun(Ecuador Map). The things they make though are different then many peoples ideas of arts and crafts. The art they create are not huge paintings, they are usually beautifully hand-woven or made and are very practical items. Items such as hats, bowls, backpacks, and bags are all very popular forms of art(Ecuador). These items are both practical and beautiful and are often made of dried or fried plants woven into these forms.
The skills of making these crafts are often passed down among the family from wife to daughter and so on, so families in Ecuador have jobs of creating these crafts(Ecuador Map). These woven crafts are often very colorful also because the fibers used for weaving are
died from natural dies made from many different ingredients. The town of Otavalo is especially know for the arts. Everyday thousands of tourists and locals crowd the streets wandering among the hundreds of stalls and among all the colorful woven tapestries and crafts created by local artists(Ecuador).
The art of gold and silver work, and woodcarving is also popular in Ecuador. Beautiful jewelry is often made and purchased in Ecuador, and is one of the types of art rising in popularity. Another of those is woodcarving, beautiful statues are carved out of wood and usually are of wildlife, and then are painted.(Welcome) In all Ecuador creates some truly breathtaking art that is both practical and beautiful.

Theater and Film
Not only are the fine arts like hat making encouraged and important to the
Ecuadorian people, so is the performing arts. In leisure time many Ecuadorian people enjoy going to theaters to see plays.(Welcome)Some plays are histories on the history of the Ecuadorian people, some are comedies, and some are romances. (Ecuador)Also in modern society film is also very important and many people enjoy going to the movie theaters. These plays preformed in giant theater halls are truly amazing, but they also give insights into the culture and problems faced by the Ecuadorian people, and tell of there past.(Ecuador Map) One of these famous theater halls is the Bolivar Theater, where they have multiple performances each night. (Explore)
Famous Ecuadorians
-Luis Miranda (Artist)
-Jefferson Perez (2-time Olympic winning racewalker)
-Andres Gomez (Tennis Star)
-Washington Iza (Painter)
-Martha Fierro (Chess Player)


Ecuador has an abundance of cites, attractions and history but Ecuador is also a hot spot for cultural and native foods . The general consensus about food from a country that speaks Spanish is “Mexican” food but what people don’t realize is that each country has its own distinct and unique taste especially Ecuador. Many of the Ecuadorian food dishes contain ingredients that in America would be considered extreme and bizarre. Other dishes would be considered simple and plain but each dish within this country has a special meaning and are never taken for granted.The native tribes that live and farm in the river valleys of the area make most of the bizarre foods inexternal image ecuadormap.jpgEcuador isn’t just known for its extreme foods but also it’s very delicious contemporary food. In the country’s capitol of Quito there is a booming international scene for food (Galapagos Online Tours). People from all over the world come to try the one of a kind taste that only the people of Ecuador can provide. Since Quito is the capitol of the country it has the best cultural food that is found in all of Ecuador the only place that is more authentic in the makeup of Ecuador life is the Galapagos Islands. If you were to travel to ecuador and stayed in a mostly mordern city you would notice some key differences. The time and quantity that most ecuadorians eat is much different than american customs (Galapagos Online Tours). For instance Ecuadorians often eat each meal later than in America (Galapagos Online Tours). Breakfast is typically eaten more towards 8 o’clock and Ecuadorian people prefer their meals to be longer and dragged out instead of hustle and bustle often found in America. Another difference is that the most important meal of the day is dinner. This is because dinner is eaten very late at night between 9 and 10 pm and it involves the whole family (Galapagos Online Tours). Almost everyone grazes until dinner because it is so large. Breakfast and lunch are minuscule compared to dinner in Ecuador. These meals often involve a somewhat simple diet. Ecuador (Galapagos Online Tours).

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