The Amazon River is the largest river in Peru. It is about 3 miles long. The Amazon River is so long that it even spreads through parts of Brazil. (Country Reports) The Amazon is located in the northern part of South American and travels through many different countries. Many travel the Amazon for the beautiful scenery. Along with the beautiful scenery, the Amazon has many exotic plants and animals. (Aqua Expeditions) The Amazon River begins in the Andes Mountains and it then later spread throughout the countries. The amount of water that is in the Amazon depends on the amount of rainfall. (Extreme Science) When a lot of rain has come then the level of the river increases. One of the major reasons the Amazon is so big is because of where it lies in comparison with the equator. It is basically on it creating a warm temperature. As time goes on the Amazon gradually get wider just like any other river. As of today, the Amazon and the Nile are in close ties with the largest river in the world. (Extreme Science)

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