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General Info:


Chile is located in South America, on the far eastern edge. This country is a long snaky country that is 2700 miles long, and has 292,260 square miles of land. Because Chile is such a long stretch of land, there are a variety of different geographical features to Chile. Throughought most of Chile you will find large mountains because of the bordering Andes Mountains. Northern Chile consists of valleys and hills that provide locals with great hunting and food gathering. There are numerous lakes, rivers, mountains, and even volcanoes. Southern Chile will have most of the same features except as you get further down canals and islands will start to appear and there will also be colder temperatures, bringing snow and glaciers. Chile also owns 480,000 sq miles of land in antartica.


Entertainment: Chileans, like most other South American countries, enjoy many sports, festivals, and traditions to entertain themselves with. Almost all Chileans, along with most other Southern Americans love Futbol, or known as soccer to us. They also love to fly kites, play Rayuela, and watch rodeos. The rodeos (or Las Fiesta Huasas) are teams of rodeo cowboys that travel around the country and giving shows to children, parents, and elders. Most Chileans are members of teams and organizations, where they participate in events much like here in the U.S., such as soccer, running, snorkeling, Frisbee, swimming, wakeboarding, and many more popular sports. While some do these activities alone or for their own enjoyment, it’s very popular to see large groups together doing these activities.

Facts to Know: Religions-Roman Catholic 89% & Protestant 11%
The capitol of Chile- Santiago
The capitol of Chile- Santiago

Issues-Salmon Anemia, Deforestation, Cocaine
Communication-Telephones, Internet, Radio
Imports-Plane, Drill, and Paper Equipment
Transportation-Trains, Planes, Cars, Boat
Exports-Wine, Fruits, Lumber, Copper
Borders-Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
Resources-Copper, Fruits, Fish
Life Expectancy-76.77 Years
Land Area-292,260 sq miles

Foods of Chile
Popular Dishes:

Chile is full of many great foods and cuisine. It has a ton of exotic recipes that American people have never even heard of in the United States. Not to mention tons of naturally grown crops and foods grown in Chile. Chile is also surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, giving the residents a large variety of seafood items too. The common ingredient in most dishes created by Chileans is Corn, which comes from the large source of production that they have. They also succeed in many great desserts, probably more so than dinner dishes. This is beacuse most of the dishes they have created have came from other countries such as Brazil. Over years and years, Chileans have created their own twists on these dishes. Whereas they have created many of their own desserts and now sell them to countries all over South America and even sell recipes all over the world. For Thousands of years Chile has been coming up with more and more appetizing foods, making it a very delicious destination for travelers. external image buntiful-chile.gifBelow are just some of the many
different meals that Chileans have been known to make:

-Bistec a lo Pobre
-Congrio Frio