Arsenio Pastor Erico was a Paraguayan soccer player. He is tied with Angel Labruna as the all time highest goal-scorer in the Argentine first division. He is considered the best Paraguayan footballer of all time. He stared his career in Club Nacional of Paraguay and made his first debut in the clubs first team squad at the age of 15. In 1934 he signed with Argentina. He was offered a large amount of money to play for the Argentine National team but he declined in 1938 in order to stay loyal to his home country of Paraguay. He was the leagues top scorer 3 times in a row (1937-1939). In 1938, an Argentine tabacco company offered prize money to any player that could score 43 goals in one season. With 2 games left he already had 43 so he intentionally missed goals to win the prize. After retiring he became a coach for a short time. He managed the club where he started off his career and led them to a second place finish in 1957.

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