The Altiplano
The altiplano is The plain to the west of Bolivia where about half of the country resides. The literal translation of the meaning means the high plain. It contains the worlds highest lake (Lake Titicaca) and the worlds largest salt flat. It is the second largest plateau in the world behind Tibet and is said to be a loand of fire and ice (National Geographic). The wind howling plateau has very bad soil and very few trees survive. There are many geysers on the plain and it is a terrible place for agriculture although some agriculture does survive there. Due to a lot of geographical activity underground, the geyser as very many elements. Tin and Silver are two of these elements and have helped do many things like keep the world war 2 fighters safe. Despite all of this being mined years ago, the Altiplano is still a source of wealth. American mining companies use the Altiplano for Silver Zinc and Lead. In fact, the Altiplano may be the leading source of Silver in the entire world.

Despite all of this wealth, Bolivia is stll not flourishing, unfortunately due to corruption inside the government the Bolivians still have not been able to benefit from the glorious land they reside on. thankfully the Altiplano is still helping them. They are growing, sloly but steadily into a less poverty stricken country. Besides all that, The Altiplano is still a wonderful place. There are many things to see such as Lake Titicaca and not to mention the wonderful geysers (of which there is a video below) that are very interesting.

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