Andes Mountains
The Andes Mountains are the world's longest chain of mountains above sea level. They stretch along the entire west coast of South America from Cape Horn to Panama and Venezuela for a distance of 4,500 miles. Only the Himalaya of northern India and Tibet are higher than the Andes range. Many Andean peaks rise over 20,000 feet high and the widest across 400 miles. Also in Spanish, the Andes are called Cordillera de los Andes, which means Andes Mountain range.The mountains are divided into three regions: southern, central, and northern. In the high mountains of the Andes there are volcanoes which some are still active.The most famous of these volcanoes are Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, and Sangay in Ecuador and Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia (Knapp). Also in the Andes Mountains earthquakes are common and some cities have been destroyed from the earthquakes. The name Andes is believed to have come from anti, the word for copper which is found in the mountains. The Andes Mountains is a famous destination in Argentina.

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