The Andes Mountains:
The Andes Mountains are located in South America, lying over 4300 miles of steep mountains and valleys. They are the world’s longest series of mountains, being over 4300 miles long and up to 430 miles wide at parts. The mountain range is at average nearly 13,000 feet high and consists of anything from lakes and rivers to cliffs and valleys. Aconcagua is the highest point of the range, sitting at 22,841 feet, compared to the U.S.’s Mount Mckinley at 20,320 feet. The Andes Mountains were created from the Nazca and the South American plate, where they began colliding during the Jurassic period and continued to push upwards till this day still. The most common reason people explore the Andes is to research the large variety of animals and foliage that’s dispersed throughout. These mountains also offer a large percentage of the Copper that is mined in Chile, which Chile is the third largest producer and exporter of Copper.
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