Alan Gabriel Ludwig Perez

Alan Gabriel Ludwig Perez was born in Lima on May 23, 1949 (Alan Garcia). His education includes a law degree, doctorate in political science, and a degree in sociology. All these degrees were achieved from prestigiuous universities, such as the Sorbonne University of Paris. After attending these many different schools to obtain the best eduacation possible Perez went on to become elected Organization Secretary of the Peruvian Aprista party between 1977 and 1980 (Alan Garcia).
Alan Garcia Perez

From this first position his political career took off. He was elected a member of the Constituency Assembly, National Deputy, General Secretary of the Aprista party of Peru, and finally in 1985 he was elected president of the Republic of Peru. (Alan Garcia). He remained president for five years. Perez ran for president again in 2001 and 2006, and became president once again in 2006 (Alan Garcia). Although he is the current president, Perez still had time to write many books on his life and realizations.

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