Christina Fernandez de Kirchner

Christina Kirchner was born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 19, 1953 (Holznagel). This young woman soon went to college to study law where she then found her future husband named Nestor Kirchner. While Christina became the senator of Santa Cruz Province, her husband, Nestor became president of Argentina in 2003. After four great years of presidency he decided not to be re-elected in 2007, but to turn it over to his wife, Christina (Holznagel). During the year 2007, Christina ran for office and won. Both Nestor and Christina were a part of the Justicialist party, which was founded by Juan Domingo Peron (Lewis). It was almost like a family control of presidency. It is said that people in Argentina call her “the New Evita” after Juan Peron’s third wife. She was now the second first lady and everyone compares Nestor and Christina Kirchner to Bill and Hilary Clinton (Holznagel). Finally, she is still the president today and recently she has been named one, of the 100 most powerful women in the world.