The “Dirty War”

The Dirty war took place between 1976–1983. During this time the military was very corrupt. The military would send out secret police or wingmen to torture, kill, kidnap and execute thousands of lives (Crooker). Some say this special military killed around 9,000 people but no one knows the exact number of people who died. The people who went missing were called the los desaparecidos, this meaning the disappeared. Even to this day people find the lost ones who went missing (Crooker).

The men responsible for the killings were also known as terrorists. Even though the people living in Argentina thought is was just a certain group of people, it was also the government who was doing the kidnapping and killings (Gofen). Everyone was corrupt and you never knew whom you could trust.
Mothers of the disappeared began to stand outside of the government palace and protest again the war. The protest was called soon called “ the mothers of the plaza” and every Thursday they would stand there in the plaza de mayo (Gofen). The Mothers always hoped that their loved one would return but come to find out, those people had died.
“ A member of the military junta, General Leopoldo Galtieri, became president in 1982” (Crooker). Junta was the main group doing the killings and the leader was going to be president of Argentina. Once he became president the country was in debt 50 billon dollars and the corruption that kept happening in Argentina led the people to finally distrust the government. (Crooker).
Finally, even though the “dirty war” was a horrible act Argentina overcame it. Even today they still have political problems and economic difficulties but they always come out on top. Argentina is a very diverse and well-educated country and in the end their problems always get solved (Crooker).