Juan Domingo Peron

Juan Domingo Peron was born in Lobos, Argentina on October 8, 1895. During the 1900’s Peron became one of the most influential and powerful people in Argentina. Peron’s main goal was to improve working conditions, help people with their industries and support those in the military (Lewis).
In 1946, Juan Domingo Peron became president. Peron got support from the labor unions and even though the military did not trust him, he still won their support. He gave higher wages and pensions to the working class and strengthen their nation. He increased Government spending, built manufacturing at the expense of farm production and took control of many of the countries industries. (Gofen). But as time went on Peron began changing his ways. He suspended freedom of speech, and made divorce and prostitution legal. Because of his actions the navy and army got together and forced him to resign from presidency. Peron then got kicked out of Argentina and fled to Spain. (Lewis). When he left, all of the people were mad and upset that he was no longer their president. However, they all continued to live their lives without him.
Although, Juan Domingo Peron had been gone a long time, he returned in 1973. With his personal charm and appeal to the working class he was re-elected that year. Evita Peron, his second wife, had died at the age of 33 to cancer so he then married a women named Isabel Martinez Peron who became his vice president (Lewis).

Then, in the following year of 1974, Juan Domingo Peron passed away. After Peron’s death, Isabel Martinez Peron became the first women president in the history of Argentina. Because, she became the new president terrorist acts began to increase. A group called the “guerrilla” group spread rapidly across the country, which then caused the “ Dirty War” (Gofen).