Ripe Banana Skins


A band formed in 2001 from Asuncion, Paraguay their known for their Ska punk, punk rock, and hardcore punk genre. The making of Ripe Banana Skins (RPS) was a mix of two other bands “Toilet Flush” and “Fugu” combined. Their band name at first was “Blackfly In Your Soup” but once they established their sound, it then became Ripe Banana Skins. They took part in the Paraguayan rock festival “Quilmes Rock,” in front of more than 40,000 people. Some songs they have are; Culo de Mono, RBS, Estar vivo, I wanna be the one, Papelitos, Poison in your brain, and etc. The members consist of Andres Selich, Rodrigo Crstaldo, Pablo Garcia Blaya, Fernando Uriarte, Victor Montanaro, Mario Llanes, Federico Velazquez, and Elvio Guainer.

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