1884.jpgPopular restaurants in Argentina include a restaurant called 1884 in Mendoza, Argentina located in the Escorihuela Gascon Winery. The celebrity head chef named Frances Mallman, has been known to pop in for a night. He is known for serving tradition and local foods. (Byrnes) One of his favorite dishes to serve is the Entrana (translated to skirt steak) with chimichurri sauce, potatoes and with a salad. "It represents our tradition, culture and roots," said Mallman. (Byrnes) This restaurant has made the “Restaurant Top 50” (a magazine) list for worldwide restaurants twice. The restaurant 1884, made it as number 45 in 2003, and number seven in 2002. (Restaurant Top 50) The prices are high and there are many tourists but it is a first-rate restaurant to visit.