Beef is a popular ingredient in dishes and is frequently served at asados. An asado is a barbeque, extremely similar to ones in the United States. Theseasado-argentino.jpgbarbeques are a time for friends and family to get together. (Country Reports) Beef and other meats like chicken, pork, prime ribs, sausages, and various glands and organs of different animals are grilled and served. (Jokisch) The meats are usually grilled on an open-air grill called a parilla. They can also be grilled on large spits over an open fire. (see picture to right) Meat is regularly served with provelta (a grilled cheese dish), bread, salad, and grilled vegetables; dessert is generally fresh fruit. Drinks are often soda, wine and beer. It can take, on average, two hours for the meat to cook over the fire pits, and coals. (Asado) The asador, the chef or the cook, must watch the meat to make sure that that the fat on the meat does not drip onto the coals and create smoke. (Asado) The smoke would give the meat more of a smoky flavor, which is not a favorable taste. The meat is usually salted but is never marinated. (Asado) Asados are great ways to meet friends and family over a great meal.