500 grs. Corn grains 
250 grs. Of white beans
1 Kg. beef from the chest of the cow (ask the butcher for “pechito” de vaca) 
1 Kg. Cleaned cow large intestine
500 grs. Salted bones of pork 
1 Kg. of yellow "Criolla" squash 
A bunch of green onions
150 grs. Of fat
Salt, red pepper, ground chili 


Wash the corn and the beans well and leave them to soak in water (all night in different bowls until the next night.) Boil the corn with the meat and the salted bones for an hour. Separately wash and boil the intestines for a half an hour. Then cut them into rings and add them to the pot with the boiled corn and meat. Also, separately boil the beans for one hour, then add the squash cut into cubes, along with the beans to the principal pot. Add the salt and ground chili. Stir the contents constantly with a wooden spoon for a half an hour. Separately in a small pan, melt the fat, then add a large spoonful of red pepper. A dish served with the locro is a spoonful of the fried fat with red pepper (it makes a red oil) on top, and it is finished with finely chopped green onion.

(Living in Argentina)

Locro is a very popular dish in Argentina, and is regularly consumed during “fiestas patrias” or patriotic holidays (WiseGeek). It is normally eaten in the winter because it is a hot meal, and the ingredients to it are a great sou rce of nutrition to consume when other foods may be affected by the winter weather (WiseGeek). It is served with bread or a spicy sausage, chimichurri, and although there are many ways to make locro, it is a vegetable based, and a lot like a stew (WiseGeek).