Parillas are steakhouses found all across Argentina that have a country-style family atmosphere, which makes them very popular. They are so well known that they are often times called “Roadside Parillas” (Eyewitness Travel). The main point of these restaurants is to get a well-stretched out eating experience, and to allow people to chat with friends and family between courses.
In a typical visit to a parilla, the meal starts out with small portions of different foods, one in particular being Empanadas, accompanied with a glass of red wine (Eyewitness Travel). After finishing that, the people are served chorizo (spicy sausage) with some provolone cheese and assorted offal, which are the internal organs of animals (Mirriam-Webster). After that stage, the main meal is eaten, which is usually a form of meat (normally grilled steak) with a side salad. Then dessert comes along and a serving of fruit, ice cream, or crème caramel is typical.