Buenos Aires Buenos Aires is located on the western bank of the Rio de la Plata. It was founded 1536 by the guy of the name of Pedro de Mendoza. It was first named ciudad de nuestra senora santa maria del buen ayre which in englich means city of our lady saint mary of the fair wind. (Streissguth 17-18) For a long time it has been the center of all major political events in Argentinean history. (“Buenos Aires - Introduction“) This is because it is a major port and where all the immigrants came when they arrived. It now consists mostly of Germans and Italians, which then transfers to the architecture and lifestyle. (“Buenos Aires Introduction“) The city is a mosaic of diversity with the different colors and the different type of building and people makes for a very interesting place. People in Buenos Aires hold greater privileges, access to education and political power because of being in such a big city that has so much technology. (Streissguth17-18) BuenosAires-Argentina.jpg
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