external image 116226324_8eaf6c0e42.jpg?v=0===Drinks of Bolivia===

Bolivia has many different kinds of drinks that are indigenous to the country. Bolivian coffee is one of the most popular. It is quite different from our coffee because of its thickness and how much cream and milk they put inside of it (mapsoftheworld.com). In Bolivia they also have a large selection of Bolivian wine, which is also different from the kind of wine we have in the United States. Bolivian beer is a popular beverage especially the brand Huari from the Pacena brewery. Mate de coco is a tea made from the coca leaf. You can also find unique fruit shakes in Bolivia, even better than the ones you get at Orange Julius! Chicha is a sour drink that is made from fermented corn. This drink is made at home and can’t be found commercially. They also have Tojori which is a thick, hot drink also made from corn. A lot of the drinks in Bolivia have some type of corn in them. I wonder if they are any good?