Juan Domingo Perón
By the time 1912 came along, Argentina’s government was in trouble. Civilian rule had been enhanced and the people didn’t know what to do or who to follow. Even though the government was peaceful most of the time, it was weak and needed one ruler. A military coup in 1943 put Juan Domingo Perón in the position of ruler of Argentina (CultureGrams.com).
Juan Domingo Peron

In 1946, the people of Argentina backed him up by electing him president (CultureGrams.com). Over the next decade, more military coups erupted and there were a varying number of leaders. However, in 1973, (CultureGrams.com) Perón came back into power.

Perón and his wife, Evita were considered heroes of the Argentinean people. They were able to build up the economy and allow for more people to have jobs. The Argentinean people saw the Peróns as saviors and were happy to re-elect Juan in 1973.