President Alan García
Alan García was born in Lima on May 23, 1949 (“Alan García”). He was born into a middle-class family (“Alan García”). His father was the secretary of APRA (Peruvian political party). He went to school at the Colegio Nacional José María Eguren in Barranco (“Alan García”). He eventually earned his law degree at the National University of San Marcos (“Alan García”). He also has a degree in sociology and a doctorate in political science. He has 6 kids and is married to Pilar Nores (“Alan García”). Alan has served two terms as President (“Alan García”). His first was from 1985 to 1990 (“Alan García”). His first term was very unsuccessful and caused severe economic problems and violence (“Alan García”). In 2001 he tried to run for President again; however he was unsuccessful against Alejandro Toledo (“Alan García”). He is now the President and won the elections in 2006 against Ollanta Humala (“Alan García”).
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