Argentina is one of the most beautiful and magnificent countries in the world. Argentina's diverse geography and climate make it a must see on any world travelers to do list. The people of Argentina, like the United States of America, come from many different parts of the world.( Argentina's economy and government is also one of the most stable in the world.

Argentina is located in the South and West Hemisphere. Its position in South America gives the country a diversity of land and culture.
( From the arctic regions in the south, to the jungle regions in the north, ocean coastline on the Atlantic, and the rugged mountain regions in the west, and bordering five other countries, Argentina provides an important cultural and economic connection for all of South America. ( There are several large lakes in Argentina, many of them in Patagonia. Among these are lakes Argentino and Viedma in Santa Cruz, Nahuel Huapi in Río Negro and Fagnano in Tierra del Fuego, and Colhué Huapi and Musters in Chubut. ( Lake Buenos Aires and O'Higgins/San Martín Lake are shared with Chile. Mar Chiquita, Córdoba, is the largest salt water lake in the country.

The Argentine people are mostly educated.(,1033)/Argentina) Argentina maintains a high literacy rate of 97.1%. The Argentine people believe mostly in Roman Catholicism. The other religions that form the minority in Argentina are Protestants, and The main language is However, the other language widely used in Argentina is Italian. ( One can notice traces of different races and culture when you carefully observe the people. This is due to the fact that Argentina was colonized by external powers. (,1033)/Argentina)
Argentina’s accomplishment of eliminating over $100 billion debt in 2005
proves that the country’s emergence from its 2001-2002 economic crisis that had
caused severe stress on the political system.( The current President Cristina Kirchner, elected in 2007, has made many important political actions in human rights, institutional reform,
and economic policy that have helped restore Argentina's faith in democracy and their government.

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