Family Meals
Argentineans enjoy four meals a day: a light breakfast, lunch, snacks after work, and dinner at night. As is traditional in many Latin American countries, people take a lot of time out of their day to sit down to a meal with friends, co-workers, or family.

It is possible that the after-work snack time comes from English teatime because British settlers helped establish the area. Empanadas, pastry-like treats filled with meat or veggies, are popular snack choices and school-age kids often pack them for lunch. Cheese and fruit are other popular snack choices. Street vendors also provide a variety of light food like popcorn, fruit, and warm peanuts. Snacking after work or school is another opportunity for family and friends to chat and relax ("Argentina").
Dinner is the most important meal of the day for Argentineans. The whole family usually waits until 9 in the evening or later to eat, because they wait for everyone in the family to come home or finish homework before they begin ("Argentina"). Argentina is well known for its delicious beef, vegetables, and common bread and pasta. Mate, a tea-like drink that is traditional to Argentina, is often passed around as well. All of these foods can be found at the evening table, along with heaps of conversation and laughs.

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