Art in Architecture
Upon one’s visit to Argentina, it would be difficult to ignore the color and artsy appearance of the country’s architecture. Many modern homes and businesses are painted with bright colors, giving some areas a near-rainbow feel. This vibrant architecture originated with an artist named Benito Martin in a neighborhood near Buenos Aires known as “La Boca” (Gofen). This area was originally a slum, but when Martin came there to build a school, the endeavor soon became an art project. The school was also to house a museum of paintings, and soon the whole area became an art neighborhood. Quinquela asked local businesses to paint their buildings bright colors, and soon people in the area also began to paint their houses bright blues and reds. La Boca is still enjoyed by artists and poets, and the bright surroundings convey an amazing story of the neighborhood that went from slum to success (Gofen).

external image LaBocaArgentina.jpgexternal image BN14141_3-FB~Buildings-in-La-Boca-District-Buenos-Aires-Argentina-Posters.jpg