The Falkland Islands-

The Falkland Island or known as the Las Islas Malvinas in Argentina. This island is located about 300 miles off the coast of Argentina; the
Map of the Falkland Islands
total land area is 4,700 square miles. There are two main islands; East Falklands and West Falkland then there are 776 smaller islands (Dougherty, Terri). The capital of all the islands is Stanley and it is located on the East Island. France, Spain, and England claimed the East Island at different times. The East Island tried to be self-governed but was re-established when the islands went to the England power in 1771 (Dougherty, Terri). But was then sadly abandoned sometime between 1806 and 1820 because of the surrounding waters and abundant amount of seals. So the governor of Argentina at the time tried to prevent ships from killing the seal and also harvesting them (Dougherty, Terri). Sadly nothing seemed to help the seal, until the British administration took over the island. Argentina tried to get back the island in 1982 but Britain responded and still maintains the hold on the Falkland Island.