Iguazu Falls-

A world-class tourist destination in Argentina is the Iguazu Falls in the Mesopotamia region. This impressive waterfall is located on the Brazilian border and was founded in the 1541; Iguazu is a Guarani word that means “great water” and that describe the waterfalls perfectly (Gofen, Ethel). There are more then 275 waterfalls surround in the 8,100-foot horse shaped arc. All the water alls are roughly the same
Iguazu Falls
height of 270 feet, but there is one that stands out over the rest. It’s called the Devils Throat and is over 350 feet (Gofen, Ethel). In 1895 a Brazilian officer names Edumundo de Barros decided to a natural reserve around the waterfalls. There are now two national parks, one for the Brazilians and then one for the Argentines. The Argentine national park covers 132,500 acres of tropical jungle (Gofen, Ethel). The wildlife in this area is unbelievable so there was a shelter set up to protect the hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, and fish. There are also many different kinds of butterflies, orchids monkeys, pumas and parrots. Finally the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization declared the Iguazu Falls a World Heritage Site in 1986 (Gofen, Ethel).