Buenos Aires-

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires, and it’s also where 13 million people live. Unlike the rest of Argentina, Buenos Aires gives off a sophisticated European feel. This magnificent city has the tree lines walk ways along with the building that have the faded elegance (Dougherty, Terri). Its wide boulevards, tango halls, parks and restaurants all give the tourist the international feel as well. In Buenos Airs, Rio de Platsa was first a main port because of the natural way of the water system (Dougherty, Terri). As the countries main economic
The city of Buenos Aires
center it is also the home to many national industries and the federal district. In the federal district the president runs all of Argentina from the Casa Rosada or the pink house and that is located in the Greater Buenos Aires area, or the most sophisticated area (Dougherty, Terri). Here you can find great dancing along with designer brand clothes, not to mention the food has been said to be amazing in the heart of the city. So after you stop in for some food got to an adrenaline rushing soccer game where you can see how crazy in love with this sport all of Argentina is. Also while there you could stop and have mass in the Cathedral that was built in the 18th century (Dougherty, Terri). This cathedral is the resting place of Liberator General Jose de San Martin who led the battle that resulted in the independence of the country. There are also many museums that can be visited while in Buenos Aires.