Pachacuti was the 9th emperor of the Incan Empire. His reign was from 1438-1471. In Quechua his name is “Pachakutiq” which external image PERY1038,-Pachacuti,-Inca-K.jpgtranslates to “he who remakes the world.” (Knight). This name fit him because he is known as the emperor who sparked the expansion of the empire. Under the control of Pachacuti the empire grew to be around 380,000 square miles (machupicchu-inca). But he wasn’t meant to be the emperor. Pachacuti wasn’t the favorite son, and he wasn’t the oldest son either. Around 1430 the empire was attached by a neighboring tribe. His father, the ruler at the time, along with Pachacuti’s brother, the desired heir, fled the scene. But Pachacuti lead the army to a victory over the invaders (Knight). For his heroic and bravery, he was rewarded by becoming the emperor in 1438 (Knight). His method of expanding the empire was very smart. He kept peace within the empire by sending gifts to regions and asking them to join the empire. Most agreed to join (machupicchu-inca). Along with expanding the empire, Pachacuti also changed the government. There was a federal government, and in the 4 sections of the empire there was a provincial government (machupicchu-inca). His new system of government was very efficient. It worked like a pyramid. At the top was the Inca himself, under him there were 4 “apos” one for each of the 4 quarters. The “apos” had governors under them to control the provinces inside each quarter. Each governor was in charge of 2 Curacas, and so on (machupicchu-inca). To keep his empire solid, Pachacuti developed roads and resting spots along the roads (Knight). Each road was only about 3 feet across, big enough only for walkers or llamas. During Pachacuti’s reign, over 2,500 miles worth of high quality roads were built (Knight). On top of all these great achievements, it’s believed that Pachacuti created Machu Picchu. Still today, no one knows what Pachacuti used Machu Picchu as. It’s thought to have been a vacation spot or possibly even a home (machupicchu-inca). After many years of improving the Incan Empire, Pachacuti passed on his leadership to his son Topa Inca, but Pachacuti stayed involved in the lexternal image f1ae7_Aguas_Calientes.JPGeadership of the empire until his death.