Early Life:
Francisco Pizarro González was born in 1474 in Trujillo, (Extremadura) Spain. ( His father, Gonzalo Pizarro Rodríguez was the 2nd cousin of. Hernán Cortés. He had a brother, Francisco Martin who he lived side by side through his expeditions. (New world encyclopedia) In his life he became an explorer, a soldier and a conquistador. (

external image francisco-pizarro-2.jpgThe First Expeditions:
Pizarro went on many expeditions throughout his life. His first expedition was on February 13, 1502 when he sailed to the New World in the largest fleet yet. It composed of 30 ships and 2500 colonists. (New World encyclopedia) In 1513 he accompanied Vasco Núñez de Balboa on his trip through the Isthmus of Panama. Pizarro was among the first to reach the Pacific Ocean by going across the New World. (New World encyclopedia) Then in 1519 Pizarro was named the Mayor of the newly founded Panama City until 1523. Panama City became the “home base” for Pizarro’s future expeditions (wiki/panama city). Pizarro heard many stories about Pirú, the land rich with gold and decided to explore it (New world encyclopedia). He set out for his first expedition on September 13, 1524 in hopes of reaching Peru but it was unsuccessful due to weather and lack of food ( New world encyclopedia). The expedition reached the San Juan River before Pizarro turned around. Two years later Pizarro set out on his 2nd expedition where he explored the swampy coast line farther south (info please). He left with horses, two boats and 160 men (new world encyclopedia). They reached the Colombian San Juan River before splitting up. His partner, Almagro, went back to Panama while he stayed there to explore the Colombian swamps (new world encyclopedia). Once Almagro got back to panama, the governor refused to continue funding the expedition put Pizarro refused. Legends say he drew a line in the sand and told anyone who wanted “wealth and glory” should step over the line and continue along with him. Only 13 men stepped over the line. They became known as The Famous Thirteen (carpenoctem). In the spring of 1528 Pizarro sailed back to Spain to recruit men for his final expedition (New world encyclopedia). He was joined by much of his brothers and other friends and family. They all sailed back to Panama then on December 2, 1530 they all set off for Peru on the final expedition (New world encyclopedia). Pizarro and all 170 men landed in Tumbes. From there they went south following the coast until they met up with the king of the Incan empire, Atahualpa’s soldiers (Corona). Atahualpa invited Pizarro and his crew to meet him deep in the Andes at an Incan city, Cajamarca. Pizarro was so confident in his men he knew he could defeat the 40 thousand plus soldiers of the Incan empire. This is exactly what he did. Pizarro offered Atahualpa a bible showing he was there to save his soul (Corona). But Atahualpa refused the offer so Pizarro attached. Surprisingly, he defeated the Inca soldiers, and Atahualpa was taken captive and was later killed in 1533 ( Pizarro killed women, children and some of their monuments as well (Carpenoctem). He had conquered the Incan Empire.

After Conquering the Incas:
Then on January 18, 1535 Pizarro founded the city of Lima, on the central coast of Peru. This is considered one of the most important things he ever created (New world encyclopedia). On June 26, 1541 Pizarro was assassinated by his friend turned rival Diego de Almagro. Almagro was jealous of Pizarro’s position as governor of Peru, so he killed him (Carpenoctem).