Bolivian Soccer:

The Federation of Bolivian Soccer owns the soccer team in Bolivia. The team is the national team of Bolivia. History shows that the soccer team is one of the weakest teams in the Conmebol. The team has played in two world cups tournaments, one in 1930 the other in 1950. Since that time the team has only qualified once more for the tournament in 1994. Bad luck hit in the 1994 games as Bolivia played number one ranked Germany and lost by one goal. Bolivia’s best player, Marco Etcheverry, was sent off after only three minutes of play. After all three appearances for the Bolivian team, they have never advanced past the first round and have only achieved one goal in all three games. Through all the disappointment in Bolivian soccer they have still had some success by winning the American Cup in 1963 and beating the prestigious Argentineans to qualify for the 2010 World Cup (Country Reports).