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Argentina Food

Food Customs
Beef is the main source of food that Argentina eats. Asado is a famous event and meal where friends and family get together and eat grilled meat(Country Reports). Argentines like us eat three meals a day, and they use the continental style of eating where they hold a knife in their right hand and a fork in their left(Country Reports). Eating out in the street or on public transportation isn't tolerated(Country Reports). Bad manners at the dinner table are sneezing, clearing one's throat, having your elbow on the table, and having your hands in your lap. Using a toothpick in public is bad manners as well(Country Reports). The meal at midday is the main meal of the day, a lighter meal is served after 9PM. Red meat is usually found in Argentine diet and the average consumption of meat is 149 lbs(Argentine Cuisine). Food in Argentina is distinct from the rest of the Latin American Countries because of its resemblance to the European foods when most of Europe was roaming the land of Argentina.

Popular Foods and Drinks
A popular meal usually served around lunch time are empenadas stuffed with meat and vegetables. Another kind of food that is a very famous dish in Argentina is the Argentine pizza which shows and proves that the main European country that influences Argentine cuisine is Italy. The Argentine pizza is just like a normal pizza except it is topped with chickpea flower and seasoned with onion and more dough is used(Argentina 101 pizza and faina).
Many dishes serve meat but served in different ways like parrillada, and churasco(Food in Argentina). A popular drink in Argentina is the licuados which is a fruit drink blended with milk(Food and Drink in Argentina). A well known winter stew is called locro which combines meat, corn, and potatoes(Country Reports). Mate is a famous tea drink which is celebrated everywhere in Argentina, and it's an insult to refuse some at almost anytime(Food and Drink in Argentina).376515643_50d8c67720.jpg

Important Restaurants
The most famous restaurant in Argentina is La Cabana. It is known that movie stars, and presidents come to this restaurant for their beef(Buenos Aires Restaurants). The restaurant is located in the heart of Buenos Aires.The Restaurant Lola has a dining room which is regarded as one of the brightest.